Domestic / Residential security systems have seen a rapid uptake in Peterborough, but not without reason. In general, CCTV has become the go-to point of evidence for police, not only as it confirms a crime has taken place, but it can also tell you who was responsible. As a result, CCTV is often regarded as a more comprehensive security solution than a typical intruder alarm.

Security cameras also deter crime and capture evidence on assets outside your home, such as your vehicle, shed, or out-building.
Duke Security Systems provides a selection of security systems installed at clear, upfront fixed costs for homeowners and small businesses alike. We also offer larger installs on a free, no-obligation quote basis. Our engineers come with a wealth of security experience, giving you peace of mind that your CCTV system is installed to specific design objectives.

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Crime in Peterborough

Figures obtained from the Police Data website show that there were 2,234 reports made in April. This is a 7.8% increase from March’s statistics, when 2,071 reports were made.

The most dramatic rise (92%) was seen in the criminal damage and arson category, where 292 incidents occurred in April compared to 152 the month prior. When asked, a police spokesperson explained that the data would include the reports from the night of April 8, when a man committed a tyre-slashing spree across Welland, Dogsthorpe and Paston, resulting in more than 100 reports of damage.

In today’s society, convicting and prosecuting individuals for theft and burglary is becoming more difficult, to the point where ensuring a conviction depends on whether or not the individual committing the act is caught there and then. One way to ensure these individuals are caught in the act is through the use of carefully installed HD CCTV cameras. Not only can the developed, recorded images be used as solid evidence that a crime has been committed, but it also provides substantial proof of who committed the crime, increasing the chance of identification, apprehension and conviction.

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Leading criminologists state the largest deterrent to crime is the “fear of being caught” (Routine Active Theory, Rational Choice Theory). Opportunists and premeditated criminals alike will weigh the reward of committing the act against the risk of being caught. CCTV has proved invaluable at aiding the apprehension and prosecution of offenders that it makes them think twice.

For this reason, the CCTV in Peterborough has proved to deter theft, burglary, and vehicle crime.

Duke Security Systems offer a range of packages from budget analogue systems to huge 8k definition at one of the most competitive prices in Peterborough. By choosing one of our packages, you can rest assured that your business, family, possessions, and premises are protected.

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