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Domestic / Residential security systems have seen a rapid uptake in Peterborough, but not without reason. In general, CCTV has become the go-to point of evidence for police, not only as it confirms a crime has taken place, but it can also tell you who was responsible. As a result, CCTV is often regarded as a more comprehensive security solution than a typical intruder alarm.

Security cameras also deter crime and capture evidence on assets outside your home, such as your vehicle, shed, or out-building.
Duke Security Systems provides a selection of security systems installed at clear, upfront fixed costs for homeowners and small businesses alike. We also offer larger installs on a free, no-obligation quote basis. Our engineers come with a wealth of security experience, giving you peace of mind; your CCTV system is installed to specific design objectives. We install industry-leading CCTV solutions at a reasonable, fixed price in Peterborough.

Our packages allow you to detect, monitor, and record crime in and around your premises – providing crucial evidence to aid apprehension and conviction.

Our fixed priced cctv packages

Our Peterborough installers are trained in:

  • Installation of small-medium Systems
  • Repairs and maintenance of existing systems
  • Crime prevention advice

Crime in Peterborough

Peterborough CCTV Installation

Leading criminologists state the largest deterrent to crime is the “fear of being caught” (Routine Active Theory, Rational Choice Theory). Opportunists and premeditated criminals alike will weigh the reward of committing the act against the risk of being caught. CCTV has proved invaluable at aiding the apprehension and prosecution of offenders that it makes them think twice.

For this reason, the installation of CCTV in Peterborough has proved to deter theft, burglary, and vehicle crime.

Duke Security Systems offer a range of packages from budget analogue systems to huge 8k definition at one of the most competitive prices in Peterborough. By choosing one of our packages, you can rest assured that your business, family, possessions, and premises are protected.

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We offer clear, upfront prices with no hidden charges.

When we say local, we mean it. We operate from Peterborough and cover a 50-mile radius.

We’re not just an installer. We pride ourselves on helping to configure your router and devices to ensure you can access your CCTV from anywhere in the world.

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Although we offer fixed-priced packages, they will not be suitable for everyone. Should you require audio recording, long-range infrared, PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras, or any other solution, we’re more than happy to provide a free, no-obligation quote.

We do not use third-party contractors. Our installers work for us, keeping costs low and our quality of work high.

Our experts are more than happy to offer free advice on the best security solution for your home or business.

Residential / Domestic CCTV Packages

CCTV has proved pivotal in preventing general crime in domestic/residential settings. The “fear of being caught” is widely regarded as the biggest deterrent to crime. Installing a robust security system tips the risk vs. reward scale in your favor.

Businesses CCTV Packages

CCTV is key at preventing theft, theft by employee, fraudulent accident claims, and supporting you at meeting lone working responsibilities related to business security. CCTV can also provide you with the assurance your business is opening and closing at the required times.
By using us, you can rest assured the finished product will meet both ICO standards and be GDPR compliant.