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Across the UK, a record number of tenants and homeowners are expected to move home in the next 6 months. Rightmove has gone as far as to say they expect it is going to be the busiest spring in over a decade.

With all the excitement of moving, home security is often at the back of everyone’s thoughts. With this simple guide, we hope we can help with the new chapter in your life and ensure you and your home are as safe and secure as possible.

Changing the Locks

Changing the locks is something that often gets overlooked when moving into a new home. When the home was either up for sale or being viewed for possible tenants, the keys to the home are likely to have been insufficiently controlled. You are also unaware home many keys the previous home owner or tenant had or issued out to friends / family.

To avoid the risk of a burglary, changing the locks of your home is great place to start.

Changing the locks of your home is a quick and simple process in which most locksmiths charge a nominal fee. Just ensure your locks conform to British lock standards 3621:2004 which most insurance companies will ask for.

For our recommendation in Peterborough and the surrounding areas visit https://locksmithdoctorltd.com/ or alternatively anyone with a www.safelocaltrades.com registration.

Home Security Systems

Many people choose to install CCTV when moving into a new home for a multitude of reasons. Maybe your drive or parking space is being taken advantage of and you want to be informed as and when it happens (see our platinum CCTV packages) or perhaps your property is constantly being infringed. CCTV can act as a deterrent to all manner of crime and wrongdoing. It also ensures that in the event of an incident, you are informed as and when it happens and have the necessary evidence to pass onto the police.

Equally, an intruder alarm can deter and halt a burglary from taking place. Modern intruder alarms such as our fixed priced packages come with mobile connectivity, allowing you to set, unset, add and remove users and receive alarm notifications as they happen, all without monitoring charges.


Identity theft and fraud is on the rise. A fraudster only requires a couple of home bills to take charge of other bills and potentially your bank account, raise credit in your name, or obtain a passport or driving licence. Rectifying identity theft is also a time consuming and sometimes costly process.

When you move home, use a moving checklist to ensure you identify every bill, and organisation that needs to know.

Even once you’ve done, there’s a good chance you forgot a credit card that you paid off some time ago yet the account is still open. As a result, it’s a sensible to take advantage of the post office’s mail redirection service.

Starting from £33.99, Any post sent to your previous address in your name is redirected to your new home, removing the risk of your old bills falling into the hands of potential fraudsters.


The average burglar takes less than a minute to break into a home. After that, they typically stay 8-12 minutes before leaving.

With this in mind, the quickest route to accessing a home is by smashing a window or kicking a weak door.

Double glazing is far more resilient to attack than single glass and it can save you money on your energy bills. If you’re concerned about the condition of your new home’s windows or doors, most repitable companies will offer a free survey to make them structually sound or to replace. 

Burglar Breaking Into House By Forcing Door With Crowbar

If you take advantage of these suggestions, let us know in the comments section.

Ultimately, any precautions you take is never a bad thing. These steps will ensure you start on the right journey of protecting your home and possessions. If you would like some bespoke advice when it comes to home security feel free to contact Duke Security Systems on 01733 639096 or alternatively use our contact us form.

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