CCTV Repairs & Maintenance

Have you moved into a property with CCTV and can’t get it to work? Do you have a CCTV system that is not working as it should? If any applies, feel free to contact us on 01733 639096

Our CCTV experts are trained to repair existing systems, ranging from analogue/coaxial CCTV to the latest HD/IP infrastructure.

Like all technologies, a CCTV system can fail or deteriorate over time. For businesses, this can have huge implications on your duty to ensure staff safety and potentially your insurance. For homeowners, a faulty CCTV system can put your possessions at risk and cause you unnecessary worry. 

Thankfully, most repairs involve replacing a singular component and can be carried out the same day. Duke Security Systems are here to make sure your CCTV system is kept in excellent working order.

Repairing broken equipment

CCTV components can get knocked, intentionally damaged or simply come to the end of their working life. We stock components from the UK's leading distributors and if its not a part we have, we'll get it next working day.

Network configuration for remote viewing

In today's age, being able to view your CCTV on a smart device is a must. Unfortunately, changing a network provider or upgrading a router are just some of the ways that can cause your system to lose its internet connection.

Upgrading outdated equipment

CCTV has improved exponentially over the last decade. Currently, human and vehicle tracking, automatic number plate recognition cameras and thermal imaging are now commercially reasonable.

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