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Hikvision’s AX Pro is a revolutionary solution to the intruder alarm market.

Designed by Hikvision, one of the leading suppliers to national critical infrastructure sites, the AX Pro System combines the tried and tested security standards of traditional intruder alarms with the latest wireless technology and mobile connectivity.

The alarm panel can either be set/unset by a wireless fob, radio transmitter, pin code or via the dedicated app.

Control your alarm from your phone as standard

Unlike traditional intruder alarms, our system is designed for the 21st century.  

  • Set and unset specific zones or the system as a whole
  • Receive intruder alerts as they happen
  • Add and remove users
  • Review set and unset logs

Unlike large installation companies, we do not tie you into an expensive contract or force expensive monitoring charges. The technology to monitor the system and inform you or an emergency contact is already embedded into the panel and is paid for under the installation. We only charge a small annual maintenance charge to visit and ensure your system is in optimum condition and the battery levels are good.

AX Pro App

Pet Friendly

Our detectors are immune to pets under 30kg (about the size of an adult German shepherd). If you think this may still be a problem, please call us. There are other devices that we can use to keep your property secure.

5 Year Battery Life

The main panel requires a 230v power supply which can either be plugged into an existing socket or hardwired into your existing ring main. Each component (motion detector, door contacts) has a battery life between 3 – 5 years with moderate to heavy usage. The batteries are changed where required, as part of the maintenance charge.

AES-128 Encryption

The Advanced Encryption Standard, also known by its original name Rijndael, is a specification for the encryption of electronic data.

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