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At Duke Security Systems, we see ourselves as a security company, selling security and peace of mind rather than just CCTV and Intruder alarms.

This section covers a range of topics to enable you to protect your home, property or business better. Our blogs usually come from our customers, but we also like to include some thoughts that have often crossed our mind. If you have a topic, you would like us to feature, please drop us an email at [email protected], and as always, if you want advice, please contact us here.

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CCTV Camera Types

If you are confused about the variety of CCTV Camera types on the market today, then you’re not alone. Cameras come in different shapes, sizes

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Analogue vs IP CCTV

IP vs Analogue CCTV

When choosing a CCTV system, consumers have a big decision to make. Here we look at IP vs Analogue CCTV Systems and cover the pros and cons with each.

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