There has been a rapid uptake of CCTV installation in Corby – and for good reason.  

Clear, serviceable images captured from video recordings have become the most reliable source of evidence for police officers, not only because it explicitly shows a crime is being committed, but it can also provide Corby police with a detailed image of the individual or individuals involved, which is acknowledged as a leading focal point when it comes to prosecution. Other methods such as ‘intruder alarms’ and ‘doorbell cameras’ may not offer you the result you desire when it comes to protecting your property and assets. Therefore, throughout the UK, CCTV is extensively observed to be the most successful and approved solution for both property owners and businesses alike. 

Overt cameras also deter thieves and capture evidence on assets outside your home, such as your vehicle, shed or out-building.   

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CCTV at your home or at your business also acts as the best deterrent in order to provide protection for your personal assets. Cameras are installed high above the ground, limiting the risk of vandalism, nonetheless in perfect view from individuals on the ground. More often than not, just the sight of a camera above your property, looking out from your home at the entrance, your car, motorbike, shed etc. is enough to make potential thieves reconsider their actions.

CCTV Installation in Corby

Our domestic and commercial CCTV packages allow you to detect, monitor and record crime in and around your premises – providing crucial evidence to aid apprehension and conviction.

Duke Security Systems offer a range of packages – from full HD IP to huge 8k definition – at one of the most competitive prices in Corby.

Our highly trained and knowledgeable team are based in Peterborough and are happy to travel to the surrounding areas, providing excellent customer service, reassurance and professionalism alongside carefully designed and managed CCTV installation. No CCTV installation job is too big or too small, and with a free quote and fixed pricing, Duke Security Systems is the top choice. By selecting one of our fixed packages, you can feel safe and secure knowing that your property and personal possessions are protected.       

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We offer clear, upfront prices with no hidden charges for every CCTV installation.

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Local Installer

When we say local, we mean it. We operate from Peterborough and cover a 50-mile radius.

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Remote Viewing Supporlllllt

We configure your router and devices so you can access your CCTV anytime, anywhere.

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Bespoke Solutions

Need a more tailored CCTV solution? Whether you need audio recording, long-range infrared, PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras or any other solution, we can help.

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High-quality Service

We do not use third-party contractors. Our installers work for us, keeping costs low and our quality of work high.

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Free Security Advice

Our experts are more than happy to offer free advice on the best CCTV security solution for your home or business.

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