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Benefits of installing CCTV in your home

Over the past 30 years, CCTV installations have seen a rapid uptake in commercial properties industrial sites and public spaces, but what are the benefits of installing CCTV in your home? Here we take a look at how well planned, expertly installed CCTV systems can benefit you and your family.

Crime Deterrent

CCTV’s most effective role is deterring crime in and around your property. If an offender is aware of CCTV, it forces them to weigh the benefits of committing their offence against the risk of being caught (Rational Choice – Crime prevention theory). As CCTV can determine who committed the crime in addition to confirming a crime has taken place (unlike a typical intruder alarm) it is widely regarded as one of the most effective physical crime deterrents available.

Monitor your property from anywhere

CCTV technology has significantly evolved over the last 20 years. It can now provide homeowners with CCTV images via their smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop. Going even further than this, the latest CCTV systems can identify when a human or vehicle has come into shot or crossed a ‘virtual tripline’ and can send you a clip straight to your phone as an alert.

Identify criminals

According to police.uk, between November 2019 and October 2020, 50.4% of all reported crimes in Cambridgeshire were categorised as no suspect identified. A further 16.6% of all crimes were classified as ‘Unable to prosecute suspect’. These figures shouldn’t be alarming. Criminals and serial offenders have become wise to the forensic techniques used to identify a suspect and ensure they leave no trace back to them. To this end, CCTV is heavily depended upon to identify and successfully prosecute crime.

Burglar Breaking Into House

Little upkeep

A consideration of anyone that is looking to improve the security of their home is ongoing costs for maintenance or monitoring. Another great benefit of CCTV compared to other physical security measures is the lack of it. Once a system is installed, it requires little / no maintenance safe from the occasional lens clean and technical check-up.

Home Insurance

The effect good security has on home insurance is two-fold. If you are the victim of burglary and your property is deemed as insecure by an insurer, you could potentially find them unwilling to payout. Equally, good home security is usually rewarded with deductions on your premiums. In any case, if you have enhanced the security of your property (such as CCTV!), let your insurers know – you could be entitled to a cheaper deal!

Duke Security Systems offer a range of CCTV systems at clear fixed prices. To view our current offers, select the number of required cameras below.

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