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How to protect your garage from burglary?

When it comes to protecting our possessions, we tend to focus on our home. Residential intruder alarms and CCTV systems being the most common method for homeowners to add additional security.

However, as we focus on our home, we can neglect other soft / easier targets of theft and burglary, most notably gardens, sheds and garages.

Garages in particular are a notible concern:


  • They are usually located away from the property, meaning the chances of a break-in being observed and reported is slim.
  • By design, the pedestrian door and the door jamb are usually cheap with little regard to security.
  • The usual “up-and-over” style garage doors are designed to be manually lifted and, as a result, are made with thin, light sheet metal. An undesirable consequence of the design means the door can be “popped”: a practice of pushing and flexing the door until the locking bolt comes out of the surround.
So what can you do to prevent garage crime?


Pedestrian doors for garages are usually made from wood and are vulnerable to the elements. In many cases, a gap of a few millimetres is enough for a criminal to insert a crowbar and force the door open. Opportunist criminals view poor maintenance as an easy target.  If you are concerned the gap between the door and frame is excessive, contact a carpenter from a reputable business directory – most of whom will provide a free estimate.

Motion Sensing Lights

Typical garage thieves really don’t want to be caught in the act. If they are interrupted by a light activating, they are likely to stop and flee.  Motion sensing lights are a brilliant way to draw attention to a particular location and will make your garage a less appealing target.

Install an intruder alarm

Intruder / Burglar alarms serve two purposes, deterring the bad guys from continuing in their ill ways and alerting you (the homeowner) that a person has infringed your property. Stopping a person during the act should always come second to deterring them in the first place; however, alarms are a tried and tested method at keeping possessions secure.

If you have power already in your garage already then our silver alarm system is a cost-effective way to ensure your garage is protected.

Install CCTV

A core component of security, CCTV can prove equally useful in protecting your garage as your home. Although your garage likely being a much easier target for burglars than your home, the presence of cameras will still force them to reconsider. If they not notice your cameras and continue with their act, the CCTV footage could prove vital in bringing them to justice and regaining your stolen possessions.

Are you interested in other ways to better secure your home or business? Read more on our Security Advice Page.

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