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Our guide to industrial or manufacturing site security

The challenges that large industrial or manufacturing sites have in ensuring site security is complex. For most, installing resilient perimeter fence or barrier (such as palisade or wire mesh) to prevent crime is a high and sometimes unreasonable cost to bear. Here we look at some of the benefits and considerations industrial or manufacturing landlords, or tenants should consider when improving security, and how industrial CCTV can address most issues.

Industrial CCTV – Motion Detection

As already covered, perimeter fencing for large industrial sites can be expensive. Besides, there is no guarantee that it will stop offenders from infringing your property and committing their acts. Some of the most secure industries on low budgets depend heavily on an activation and response plan, usually implemented with CCTV.

When selecting cameras for motion detection, it’s essential to factor the intended scene, the camera is to cover.

  • Are the trees in the view that will activate the motion in the wind?
  • Do animals frequently visit the site?
  • Does the scene offer have a change of lighting (such as a vehicle turning around with its headlights on)?

If any of the above is yes or even maybe, a camera with a human-specific identification (such as Hikvision’s Acusense functionality) must be used to avoid false activations.

Industrial CCTV – Light Capability

Sites with low levels of light in the hours of darkness should consider specific night-time camera. Often, facility or procurement managers will select a vendor on cost with little consideration on how the camera will perform in the dark, only to find the system rendered useless when the site is most vulnerable. As a rule of thumb, for a scene less than 30 metres away a camera with a lux rating of 0.008 should be used. For scenes in excess than 30 metres, IR beams or actual lighting should complement the installation. For more information, see our dedicated blog on Hikvision’s Darkfighter technology.

Hikvision Darkfighter Comparison Duke Security

Industrial CCTV – Active Deterrence

Anyone that has responded to an alarm activation in a large industrial or manufacturing site will tell you, it is almost impossible to identify let alone apprehend an intruder on site. Emphasis should always be given to deterring over catching them in the act. This is where industrial CCTV can play its most effective role.

Active deterrence cameras such as Hikvision’s AcuSense feature a strobe light and audible alarm.  This is designed to warn the intruder off before they go any further. The volume of the audio alarm and the strobe light’s brightness can be adjusted to suit the environment.

Simultaneously, the system can notify you or your chosen alarm receiving centre for a decision on the next steps.

More Information

If you own or manage an industrial or manufacturing site, are concerned about security and would like some free advice, then feel free to get in touch.

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