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Crime Prevention Advice – Burglary

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of burglary, you’ll know first-hand the impact it can have on the victim’s life.  

It’s time for some people to repair the damage, contact insurers, and liaise with the police that has the biggest impact. For others, it is the gut-wrenching feeling that someone has carelessly been through your possessions and taken what they like without remorse.  

60% of adult victims never feel safe in their home again 

Duke Security Systems Guide to Preventing Burglary 

Criminals, in general, are risk assessors but burglars, in particular, are more so.  

Before and during a burglary, they will weigh the potential reward against the perceived risk of being caught. In short, crime prevention is the tipping of this scale towards the fear of being caught!  

While the methods burglars use to break into a property change over time, the way they choose their targets generally stays the same.  

Putting in measures to prevent your home from becoming a target reduces the potential reward the burglar will get. On the other hand, home security increases the risk of getting caught – an excellent deterrent for thieves.  

Our guide looks at some of the ways you can keep your property protected against burglary.  

Reduce the potential reward 

It’s human nature to hide items of value – reducing the likelihood of them being stolen.  

Therefore, the best way to deter burglars is to limit their certainty that they will receive a substantial reward for entering your property. Common examples include:  

  • Removing or hiding your sat-nav when you park up 
  • Ensuring your curtains are drawn when you leave your house  
  • Keeping cars on your driveway or in your garage 

  • Not wearing that expensive watch on a night out.  

Removing or reducing the potential reward should be your first port of call to prevent theft. But, it’s not always achievable. Therefore, increasing the risk they face of being caught is crucial. 

Raise the risk of being caught 

There are a number of steps that increase the risk of a burglar being caught – thus limiting the likelihood they will choose you as a target. 

Here are just 4 of our top tips: 

1. Install CCTV  

Security cameras are an excellent visual deterrent. The mere presence of them at your home or business is enough to prevent thieves. In fact, a Co-op Insurance study of a panel of 12 ex-convicts revealed that CCTV cameras are the biggest deterrent when casing a house. CCTV installation costs less than you may think. Our fixed priced packages start from as little as £344.

2. Intruder Alarms    

Intruder alarms have previously been the go-to control against home burglary and complement CCTV. If your house is broken into, an intruder alarm will alert you so you will know if there is an intruder. The noise alone is enough to scare off burglars, but if your property is secluded or you are away, it can notify the nominated keyholder and police. Our intruder alarm packages come with mobile connectivity, allowing you to set, unset and receive alarm notifications straight to your phone.

3Invest in Lighting 

If your home isn’t well lit by streetlights, investing in your home lighting is essential. Motion-activated lights are a great way to increase the risk of a burglar being caught. They bring attention to anyone approaching your home – a burglar’s worst nightmare.  For a low-cost floodlight and CCTV solution, take a look at Ring’s floodlight Cam.

4Conceal Targets 

Keeping your valuables locked up and out of sight is a must for preventing burglaries. This includes: 

  • Packing valuables you rarely use away in your loft or other hard-to-reach areas  
  • Storing heirlooms and valuables in a safe secured to the wall or floor 
  • Keeping car keys away from entrances and other obvious places 
  • Keeping valuables like mobile devices, purses and jewellery out of sight. 

For more advice on keeping your property protected or to discuss your CCTV requirements, contact us today.  

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