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In the retail sector, CCTV has been paramount at preventing crime from internal/external theft to burglary or even assault. However, with most retailers choosing to keep and repair their existing CCTV system, what are the benefits they could potentially be missing out on? Here we look at the functionality of IP CCTV and the benefits it can provide to retail.

People Counting

We live in the age of data, and all of the technology giants agree, data-based decisions are best for business. One area in which we give added benefit is to capture footfall into the store at any given moment. This, in turn, ensures that shops can accurately manage their maximum capacity and provide you with the data that the store has the right number of staff at any given moment. It can also be used to better schedule stock replenishment, cleaning, and other non-service related tasks.

Cash Discrepancies

Another area in which CCTV has dramatically improved is its ability to identify cash discrepancies. Most analogue CCTV systems are only able to record a 12/15 frames per second resulting in footage of note counts being jumpy and inconclusive. Our latest IP cameras record at 30 FPS + in addition to a far superior resolution. This combined with the correct lens, positioning, and resolution results in far less time investigating cash discrepancies and a happier workforce.

Heat Mapping

Retailers have become smarter in the way stores are mapped out, and the best ensure their customers take a predetermined route.  With our heat mapping function, store management can see where their customers spend most of their time and the parts of the store identify as ‘dead zones’. This, in turn, provides management with the data to ensure the right products are in the right place.

Queue Detection

How many lost sales are acceptable due to long queues in the UK? The answer should always be zero. In the retail industry, there is a strong correlation between wait times and a negative customer experience.  Our cameras can count the number of people in a queue and calculate their wait time. Once it is found that the number of people in line is too many, or the average dwell time of customers is too long, an alarm will prompt a response. The immediate result; Store Management can effectively react to increased pressure and gain valuable data on staffing requirements. The long term result, you have valuable data on how busy the store is at any one time, enabling better rostering capability.

Intruder Validation

Whether you have a keyholder service through a security company or request your staff to physically attend a store in the event of an activation, visiting a store with an intruder activation has its risks and costs. Our CCTV systems can be configured to your Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) of choice, allowing them to validate if the store has in fact been broken into. If an intruder is spotted, the ARC can notify the police that a burglary is in progress and their response is required. Using this control vs police responded alarm panel is safer, has a greater police attendance rate, and saves unnecessary keyholder costs.

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