Dummy cctv camera, duke security systems, cctv installation in peterborough

Do dummy CCTV cameras work?

As with normal CCTV, homeowners have increasingly turned to dummy CCTV cameras to add an additional deterrent to their property, but do they actually work?

Here we take a look at the pros and cons of fake CCTV cameras.

Arguments for dummy CCTV


At the time of writing, dummy CCTV cameras are available on Amazon for as little as £11 each. In comparison, the cheapest mainstream analogue camera (which as a side note – is pretty naff) costs around £25. Add the cost for installation and DVR + hard drive and there is no comparison, dummy CCTV cameras are, as expected, cheaper than the real thing.

They can deter some crime

People install fake security cameras to deter crime and to the average person on the street, fake cameras will draw their attention. To that end, they will have some element of crime prevention.

Easy to install

Fake security cameras are easy to install. Those that are experienced with ladders and a drill should have no issue with installation. 

Arguements against fake CCTV

Dummy cctv camera, duke security systems, cctv installation in peterborough

They're easy to spot

Fake CCTV cameras are outrageously easy to spot. Tell-tale signs include suspect blinking lights (usually powered by a solar panel on the top of the unit or by a couple of AA batteries) and a cable going into the baseplate of the camera. Fake cameras are not only easy to spot by engineers but criminals too. Professional/career criminals know the brands of the most common CCTV hardware and will often steer clear of it. Opportunist criminals are less likely to weigh the risk of apprehension vs their reward and as a result, you could have a genuine incident that real CCTV would have captured.

Fake CCTV does not prove anything

Fake CCTV cameras are inanimate objects. As covered above, if a genuine incident was to occur, you would have little to no evidence to aid their apprehension.

False sense of security

What most people don’t realise is fake CCTV cameras portray an image of an easy target. Place yourself in the criminals’ shoes – If they are dependant on fake CCTV cameras, their locks, windows, possibly alarm system must also be non-existent or, at best cheap and easy to bypass.

In summary, fake CCTV cameras may fool the average person in the street, but they could paint you as an easy target to the real bad guys.

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