CCTV Installation in Kettering has seen a rapid uptake – and for a good reason.  

As well as establishing important and necessary evidence for Kettering police, CCTV is also proved to work as a successful deterrent for potential crime. Often, the sight of a CCTV camera on the outside of a property is enough to convince a potential thief to reconsider his actions, installing fear of getting caught. CCTV installations through Duke Security Systems are expertly inaugurated, off the ground, and out of risk of vandalism. CCTV cameras can withstand our British weather, providing year-round closely monitored CCTV images and video recordings.

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Crime in Kettering

Crime in Kettering is in line with the national average.

In today’s society, convicting and prosecuting individuals for theft and burglary is becoming more difficult, to the point where ensuring a conviction depends on whether or not the individual committing the act is caught there and then. One way to ensure these individuals are caught in the act is through the use of carefully installed HD CCTV cameras. Not only can the developed, recorded images be used as solid evidence that a crime has been committed, but it also provides substantial proof of who committed the crime, increasing the chance of identification, apprehension and conviction.

Kettering CCTV Installation

It is a long-known fact that the largest deterrent to crime is the “fear of being caught” (Routine Active Theory, Rational Choice Theory). Both Opportunist and premeditated criminals alike will factor the reward of committing the act against the risk of being caught. CCTV has proved so efficient at aiding the apprehension of offenders that it makes them consider their options.

For this reason, the installation of CCTV in Kettering has been proven to deter theft, burglary, and vehicle crime.

Duke Security Systems offer a range of packages from analogue systems to 8k definition at competitive prices in Kettering. By choosing one of our packages, you can rest assured that your home, contents, and possessions are safe.

If you’re seeking highly professional CCTV installers in Kettering, Duke Security Systems can administer the latest Hikvision and SPRO technology at very reasonable fixed prices.

As well as offering a considerable range of CCTV installation packages, Duke Security Systems also offer free quotes and expert, professional advice to match your specific needs. Furthermore, with fair, fixed-pricing, CCTV installations by Duke Security Services offer the most competitive prices in Kettering and the surrounding areas.

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