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Alternative uses for CCTV

CCTV has many benefits; it can deter crime, record evidence in the event of an unfortunate incident and could even reduce your home contents premiums. CCTV assists authorities in apprehending and prosecuting offenders, but what are some other uses? Here we take a deep dive into alternative uses for CCTV: 

The Home

CCTV in a residential setting is a generally recent concept that helps to bring us peace of mind when we are away from home. The most common benefit is “dropping in” to see what is happening in and around your property from anywhere in the world, and thanks to the development of technology, it is becoming easier to rely on our phones to provide us with peace of mind that we desire.

Residential / Domestic cctv


I love pets, so much so that Duke Security Systems is named after my German Shepherd, Duke. However, leaving him at home alone fills me with a mixture of anxiety and curiosity. Is he anxious when we go? Is there a time frame in which he becomes more anxious? And most importantly, what does he get up to when we’re not there?!

Being able to drop in and see what your pets are up to is great for your wellbeing and helps you understand what is going through your pet’s mind when you’re not there.

"I have two working dogs at my home and I can zoom in and see their faces clearly. In fact, when I am at work and having a stressful day, I find it very therapeutic to watch the dogs at home to see what they are up to! Even in the dark, you can see them clearly which is so impressive."

Dog looking into a security camera

Monitoring Loved Ones

It is a fact of life that we are all living longer. One crucial factor that many people are concerned about as they grow older is their independence.

CCTV provides a mechanism that allows family members to check on a loved one without being there physically.   

Alarming a Perimeter

Most CCTV systems with mobile connectivity come with a motion detection function. Although this technology detects changes in light, premium systems (such as our platinum packages) have a microprocessor built into the camera. This in turn can determine if a human or vehicle has infringed property or if the motion is caused by the elements, wildlife or indeed changes in light.

In effect, this functionality acts as an intruder alarm, notifying you of persons infringing on your property.


Most physical businesses have CCTV to provide evidence in the event of a burglary, robbery or simple theft. It could also be a condition of your licence to trade or of your business insurance. Today, CCTV can provide benefits beyond that of external crime. Here are a select few of ours.  

Customer buying cheese

People Counting

Demonstration of CCTV heat mapping

CCTV can now count people coming into and around your premises. In doing so, the data collected can prove valuable in ensuring you have the right number of people in the right posts at any given time. It can also provide you with a heat map of the store, letting you know where customers are browsing the most.

The data obtained can be exported to excel and easily analysed.

For more information about our retail CCTV, see our dedicated page

Health and Safety

False injury claims have long been an issue for the commercial sector.  Data suggests insurers uncover 107,000 false claims every year, costing businesses £1.2 billion in premiums. Having quality CCTV of high-risk areas allows a prompt and effective investigation. It can prove crucial in defending a malicious claim.

Cash Discrepancies

Whether theft / or fraud is committed by a customer or an adversarial member of staff, cash discrepancies cost money, can impact staff morale and can damage consumer trust.

For years, CCTV has not been a capable means to review the quick hands of cashiers or sale staff. Now, with the use of a correctly selected lens depth, resolution and recording configuration, CCTV is more than capable of determining how much cash was handed over and how much change was given.

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