Over the past three months, there has been a rise in CCTV installations in Spalding. In October 2020, there were 13 burglaries reported, 12 bicycle thefts and 2 acts of street robbery. With these numbers on the rise, it is understandable why CCTV cameras are becoming so popular across Spalding and the surrounding areas.

When it comes to apprehension and conviction, images and recordings from CCTV cameras have proven essential in providing police with the evidence required for prosecution. Without CCTV, unless an individual is ‘caught in the act,’ there is very little evidence to apprehend a suspect. 

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Crime in Spalding

Crime in Spalding is in line with the national average.

In today’s society, convicting and prosecuting individuals for theft and burglary is becoming more difficult, to the point where ensuring a conviction depends on whether or not the individual committing the act is caught there and then. One way to ensure these individuals are caught in the act is through the use of carefully installed HD CCTV cameras. Not only can the developed, recorded images be used as solid evidence that a crime has been committed, but it also provides substantial proof of who committed the crime, increasing the chance of identification, apprehension and conviction.

We install industry-leading CCTV solutions at a reasonable, fixed price in Spalding. 

As well as providing crucial, significant confirmation that a crime has taken place, CCTV cameras are also proven to act as a deterrent, potentially helping to avoid crime altogether. 

Duke Security Systems come highly recommended from clients across Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire with a steady increase in CCTV installation in Spalding homes and businesses. Our expert advice and professional designs and fittings, as well as free quotations and competitive, fixed-pricing, ensure that your safety is our priority.

We offer an ample selection of CCTV installation packages to match your specific needs. Whether it be complete HD IP, extensive 8k definition, infrared and night vision, wireless or network, Duke Security Systems will offer professional and authentic advice as well as a free quote.

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