CCTV Installation in Cambridge

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Cambridge residents have taken to installing CCTV systems to counter the threat of accelerating crime rates across the city. According to the Plumplot website and Cambridge Crime Stats, in November 2020, it was reported that bicycle thefts alone surged to 398% of the national crime rate. This places Cambridge at #1 out of the 104 postcode areas in this crime category. Although these numbers are quite alarming, more people are looking to CCTV to deter and aid aprehension of offenders.

The issue with bicycle theft, is the lack of evidence for conviction; unless the thief is caught in the act, it will prove difficult to convict and prosecute. Fortunately, images captured through high-resolution, CCTV can not only raise the alarm whilst the crime is in progress, but it will provide dependable, stable evidence to Cambridgeshire police in hopes of a successful prosecution.

CCTV Installation in Cambridge

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Crime in Cambridge

Bicycle theft is a particular concern in Cambridge

In today’s society, convicting and prosecuting individuals for theft and burglary is becoming more difficult, to the point where ensuring a conviction depends on whether or not the individual committing the act is caught there and then – if not, there is very little evidence to ensure that these acts are not committed again and again to others, causing inconvenience and destroying people’s lives. One way to ensure these individuals are caught in the act is through the use of carefully installed HD CCTV cameras as not only can the developed, recorded images be used as solid evidence that a crime has been committed, but it also provides substantial proof of who committed the crime, increasing the probability of a conviction.

CCTV Installation in Cambridge

CCTV in your home or at your business not only ensures the protection of property and personal possessions but also acts as a deterrent for potential crime. Our systems are both designed and installed to ensure your property is the best protected. More often than not, a perfect view of a security CCTV camera is enough for certain individuals to perhaps rethink their actions, therefore saving you the grief of reporting a crime and providing CCTV evidence.

Our domestic and commercial CCTV packages allow you to detect, monitor and record crime in and around your premises – providing crucial evidence to aid apprehension and conviction.  

Duke Security Systems offer a range of packages – from full HD IP to huge 8k definition – at clear up-front and competitive prices in Cambridge.  

By choosing one of our packages, you can rest assured that your family, possessions and property are protected. 

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