Hikvision AcuSense

What is Hikvision AcuSense?

AcuSense is Hikvision’s latest innovation to the CCTV market, but what is it and what benefit does it bring vs conventional CCTV?

Most users’ CCTV achieves two purposes: to deter crime and in the event of crime, provide tangible evidence to aid apprehension and prosecution. However, of late, users have increasingly relied on motion detection to be notified of a potential threat, giving them enough time to either contact the police or try and prevent the incident continuing.

So how does AcuSense come in?

A CCTV system detects pixels of light hitting its sensor and presenting an image. A primitive algorithm in the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or Network Video Recorder (NVR) will monitor the image and determine if an object is moving. If movement is detected, the system will follow a set of pre-configured instructions to alert the user.

The issue with this form of alarm is accuracy, especially when used in outside applications.

Main causes of false alarms include rain, trees blowing in the wind, shadows moving, cats and vehicle headlights. So inaccurate is general motion detection that it is something I strongly discourage.

So…. how does AcuSense come in?

Hikvision’s IP AcuSense range of cameras come with a microprocessor built into the camera, working independently of the NVR. The camera comes pre-configured to analyse the scene for size, silhouette, movement characteristics, speed and shape of all objects in view. The end result is a highly accurate human and vehicle motion detection function.

What else can it do?

Warn Offenders

The higher-end AcuSense products (such as our platinum + packages) come with a visual/audible alarm once motion is detected. This enables end-users to stop an infringement or an attack in progress whilst remaining in a place of safety. In addition to a set of pre-recorded messages, the system also allows for two-way audio allowing you to speak directly with the perpetrators.

Allows for smart playback

With conventional CCTV, if you wanted to find when a certain event occurred, your only option would be to playback the footage. This can take hours of personnel time, especially if the event occurred over the weekend. With AcuSense, Human and Vehicle events are saved in folders which in turn frees up valuable man-hours.

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