Security tips when going on holiday

Despite the UK still being stuck in lockdown at the moment of writing, It appears most of us are desperate for some summer sun. To give you something to look forward to, here is my advice on protecting your home whilst you’re on holiday.

Don't post on social media

I know its hard. We’re desperate to make others jelious, however, 9/10 of us have “friends” that we either don’t know, remember or wouldn’t even say hello to in the street. Posting a nice beach shot is a sure-fire way of telling the world that your home is empty and vulnerable. Save that jealously for when your back in the UK.

Your address

This one sounds common sense but don’t brandish your address to anyone that doesn’t need to know. Fitness apps such as map my run and strava have long been used to find where someone lives – If you do use these, track it at the end of your street. If you’re a listed company officer, check that your correspondence address is not your home address on companies house.

Ensure your house appears occupied

Smart Devices

Smart bulbs like Phillips hue are great at making your home look occupied. These allow you to set routines and program the lights to come on and off. A cheaper alternative would be a simple smart plug socket, enabling you to turn any old lamp into a “smartlamp”.

If you are into smart home gadgets, consider getting an “IR blaster“. These allow you to turn your television on and off from another country – another great way to make your home appear occupied.


Should you leave your curtains closed whilst you are away? The answer is a definite no. Closed curtains in the day screams vulnerable house.

Your drive

Are you taking your car on holiday? No problem. Speak to your neighbours; if they have two / more cars, see if they’re happy to park in your drive whilst you’re away.


If your front door allows passers-by to see if you have uncollected mail, speak to your friendly neighbour and ask if they can collect it for you. A visible build-up of post is another sure-fire way of telling would-be criminals that your house is unoccupied.

Install an appropriate CCTV system and/or Intruder alarm

Some criminals are undeterred by a property appearing occupied or will simply “chance it”. An intruder alarm is an ideal solution at halting an incident from continuing and informing those nearby that an incident is in progress. CCTV is also ideal at capturing crucial evidence for the police to aid apprehension and prosecution.

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