Stamford has seen a rise in CCTV and security systems and for a good reason. CCTV specifically has become the principal point of evidence for police, not only as it confirms a crime has taken place, but it can also tell you who was responsible. In short, CCTV is often regarded as a more accurate security solution vs typical intruder alarm.

Security cameras also deter against crime and record footage on assets outside your home, such as your car, garage or out-building. 

Duke Security Systems provides a range of security systems, fitted at transparent, upfront fixed prices for homeowners and small businesses alike. We similarly offer larger installs on a free, no-obligation quote basis.  Our installers come with extensive experience in physical security, giving you peace of mind; your CCTV installation has been designed to specific objectives.

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Crime in Stamford  

The crime rate in Stamford is in line with the national average. 

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In today’s society, convicting and prosecuting individuals for theft and burglary is becoming more difficult, to the point where ensuring a conviction depends on whether or not the individual committing the act is caught there and then – if not, there is very little evidence to ensure that these acts are not committed again and again to others, causing inconvenience and destroying people’s lives. One way to ensure these individuals are caught in the act is through the use of carefully installed HD CCTV cameras as not only can the developed, recorded images be used as solid evidence that a crime has been committed, but it also provides substantial proof of who committed the crime, guaranteeing a conviction.

Our fixed-price packages

Our packages allow you to identify, observe and record the crime in and around your premises – providing crucial evidence to aid apprehension and conviction.

Our installers are trained in:

  • Installation of small-medium Systems
  • Repairs and maintenance of existing systems
  • Crime prevention advice

Stamford CCTV Installation

It is a long-known fact that the largest deterrent to crime is the “fear of being caught” (Routine Active Theory, Rational Choice Theory).  Both Opportunist and premeditated criminals alike will factor the reward of committing the act against the risk of being caught. CCTV has proved so efficient at aiding the apprehension of offenders that it makes them consider their options.

It is for this reason that the installation of CCTV in Stamford been proven to deter theft, burglary and vehicle crime.

Duke Security Systems offer a range of packages from analogue systems to 8k definition at competitive prices in Stamford. By choosing one of our packages, you can rest assured that your home, its contents and possessions are safe.

If you’re seeking highly professional CCTV installers in Stamford, Duke Security Systems can administer the latest Hikvision and SPRO technology at very reasonable fixed prices.

As well as offering a considerable range of CCTV installation packages, Duke Security Systems also offer free quotes and expert, professional advice to match your specific needs. Furthermore with fair, fixed-pricing, CCTV installations by Duke Security Services offer the most competitive prices in Stamford and the surrounding areas.

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We offer clear, upfront prices for the work we carry out.

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Local Installer

When we say we’re local, we mean it. We operate from Peterborough and only cover a radius of 50 miles.

remote viewing support

Remote Viewing Supporlllllt

We’re not just a security company. We pride ourselves configuring your network and devices to ensure you can access your CCTV from anywhere.

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Bespoke Solutions

Although we offer fixed priced packages, they will not be suitable for everyone. Should you require any specific solution, or do not know the best cameras to cover your property, we’re more than happy to provide a free, no-obligation quote.

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High-quality Service

We do not use 3rd party contractors or pass on the sale to another company – Our installers work for us!

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Free Security Advice

Our experts are more than happy to offer free advice on the best CCTV security solution for your home or business.


Statistically, CCTV is proven to deter crime. However, should it happen it ensures you have the crucial evidence for the police to catch the offender. The fact that CCTV is prevalent in everyday life is proof of this rationale.

Residential / Domestic PackagesBusiness Packages
CCTV has proved pivotal in preventing general crime in domestic/residential settings also giving you giving peace of mind that you can view your home at any time from anywhere in the world.For small companies, CCTV is crucial at preventing theft, theft by employee, wrongful accident claims and aids you at meeting lone-working responsibilities. CCTV can also tell you if your business is opening and closing at the required times.

Duke Security can also ensure your CCTV system meets both ICO standards and be GDPR compliant.