Bourne has seen a rise in CCTV and security systems and for a good justification. CCTV specifically has become the main point of evidence for police, not only as it validates a crime has taken place, but it can also tell you who was accountable. In summary, CCTV is often regarded as a more reliable solution vs typical intruder alarm.

Security cameras also prevent crime and record assets outside your property, such as any vehicles, garden contents or out-building.
Duke Security Systems provides a range of security solutions, fitted at simple, upfront fixed prices in homes and small businesses alike. We also offer more substantial installs on a free, no-obligation quote basis. Our installers come with extensive expertise in physical security, giving you peace of mind that your CCTV system has been installed to specific design objectives.

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Crime in Bourne  

The crime rate in Bourne is in line with the national average. 

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Bourne CCTV Installation

It is a long-known fact that the largest deterrent to crime is the “fear of being caught” (Routine Active Theory, Rational Choice Theory). Both Opportunist and premeditated criminals alike will factor the reward of committing the act against the risk of being caught. CCTV has proved so effective at aiding the capture of offenders that it makes them consider their options.

It is for this reason that the installation of CCTV in Bourne been proven to deter theft, burglary and vehicle crime.

Duke Security Systems offer a range of packages from great value analogue systems to 8k definition at clear, honest fixed prices in Bourne. By choosing one of our packages, you can rest assured that your home, its contents and your family are protected.

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Our packages allow you to detect, observe and record the crime in and around your premises – providing crucial evidence to aid apprehension and conviction.

Our Bourne installers are trained in:

  • Installation of small-medium Systems
  • Repairs and maintenance of existing systems
  • Crime prevention advice

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Statistically, CCTV is shown to prevent crime. However, should it happen, it ensures you have the crucial evidence for the police to catch the offender. The fact that CCTV is widespread in everyday life is a testimony of this.

Residential / Domestic Packages
CCTV has shown pivotally in preventing general crime in domestic/residential settings whilst giving you peace of mind that you can view your home at any time from anywhere in the world.

Businesses Packages
For small businesses, CCTV is important at preventing theft, theft by employee, wrongful accident claims, burglary and robbery. It can also aid you at meeting lone-working responsibilities.
Duke Security can also ensure your CCTV system meets both ICO standards and is GDPR compliant.